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To fully integrate the care, teaching and research activities of the Faculties of Medicine and Surgery, Lombardy Region and the University region define and implement the regional network of assistance, training and research. Such network includes several structures beyond to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, aiming to favour an interdisciplinary approach, with particular attention to technological competence.


The network includes:


a) the university centers, consisting in groups of public and private health structures, with which the universities reach legal agreements for the full activation of the individual courses of study. In this way, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery deeply enters into the network of health facilities located in the area, contributing to its achievements and creating strong geographical-based collaborations;


b) hospitals and related territorial structures not included in the university centers, but involved in the network of training and research on the basis of territorial location, specificity, quality, real capacity to participate and contribute to the set objectives.

The university centers, the hospitals and the related territorial structures are identified by the Regional Council in agreement with the universities. The main health structure of the center is identified for each university pole as the primary structure on which the courses and the activities of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery insist.