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Clinical Cardiology - Sergio Leonardi

Leonardi lab

Sergio Leonardi, PI
Tel: +39 0382501881

Lab Members

Sergio Leonardi, PI Associate Professor

Monica Portolan, Senior Researcher
Alessia Currao, Senior Researcher
Marisa Carlotta Galiazzo, Senior Researcher

Andrea Camorani, Research Fellow
Giulia Spoto, Research Fellow
Renza Zucchini, Research Fellow


The group's research activity focuses on all aspects of cardiovascular clinical research, both observational and experimental. It is performed at the Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center (CCRC), an Operational Research Unit of the IRCCS Policlinico S.Matteo Foundation directed by Prof. Leonardi.

The CCRC's mission is to generate and disseminate high-quality scientific evidence for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease and to translate this evidence into clinical practice. We therefore actively participate in national and international randomized clinical trials that test innovative research hypotheses and coordinate large observational studies and quality improvement initiatives in Italy, mainly in patients with acute cardiovascular diseases and in particular with acute coronary syndromes and acute heart failure.

Finally, the CCRC has a strong vocation for teaching and training future generations of clinical investigators.