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Molecular Hepatology - Cristian Turato

Cristian Turato, PI


Phone: (+39) 0382 986333


Lab members

Cristian Turato, Associate Professor

Silvia De Siervi, PhD student in Translational Medicine


Over the past years, research has focused on experimental studies concerning the pathogenesis of chronic liver disease, aimed at studying the molecular mechanisms involved in tumour progression. In particular, a significant part is related to the analysis of the SerpinB3 protein in predicting liver diseases and its potential oncogenic role.

The Molecular Hepatology Research Group is currently working on the following main project:

  • Pathogenetic role of new molecular targets related to SerpinB3 in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD / NASH). Mouse dietary models of progressive NAFLD (DEN / CDAA) of SerpinB3 overexpressing transgenic mice in hepatocytes are used;
  • Evaluation of the potential role of SerpinB3 concerning oxidative stress in mouse models subjected to hepatic damage from ischemia and reperfusion;
  • Characterization of biological role and prognostic significance of molecular target involved in hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma related to inhibition of SerpinB3;
  • Development of patient-derived 3D models to assess tumourigenic potential and identification of innovative and personalised pharmacological therapies, including SerpinB3 inhibition.

Collaborations in progress: Prof. M.Mondelli (UNIPV), Prof. M.Vairetti (UNIPV), Prof. P.Pontisso (UNIPD), Prof. M.Parola (UNITO).